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Warner Bros. Signed to do a FNAF movie

This is more like a theory and a timeline together. So here is my theory in order from building to building.

          Fred Bear's Family Diner 1960's (I give this yeat because this place only has one robot. In this time animatronics were popular and under much testing and building for it was the new thing in technology. Al be that it was old and did not work much, it does fit the endoskeleton style that is in FNAF)
This is the original home of Golden Freddy. The oldest of all the suits.
In this place the very first killing that starts a chain of killings. The purple guy (not likely phone guy) murders a small child who sits outside the Diner.
This child becomes the Marionette.

          Next building (unknown name in this time line if not freddy fazebear's) 1970's
This building is only mentioned in the second as the building that was left to rot. This is where I bring in the new game. It is said this building has a room that was completely covered over. This is to hide something, that can be assumed because the phone message of night 6 says if you left anything in there than it was your own fault, meaning you were not allowed to go get it any way.
In the recordings and mini games, this is the place that is mentioned and shown. In this building the staff could wear the costumes as well as let them be animatronics. There were older versions of the current characters that were all different. They were different colors as well spring loaded for the staff to wear them. (this is where the new character gets the name "spring trap" from. He was an old spring loaded bonnie mentioned in one of the recordings of FNAF 3) the murderer get hired at this new place, he uses the spring trap costume to murder the next five children, in doing so, he makes the spring locks in the suit weak. during a suit check, it is found that the spring loaded suits are too dangerous for use, thus a quick replacement of the characters was needed. (the characters we see in game one)

Here is where things for things for this building get weird. The marionette gives the new replacement suits the spirits of the children, including the old retired fred bear. This leads to the torment of the killer as a night guard. On his last night, the spirits of the children trap him in the spare room with the retired spring loaded animatronics. Terrified at seeing the faces of his victims the killer gets into the spring trap suit. The locks on the springs break and release the mechanical parts, crushing the killer's body and causing him to bleed out slowly (as shown in the mini game and briefly mentioned as an effect of broken locks in the phone call of the 4th night)

Soon after, the emergency room is boarded up and forgotten. Investigations of the missing children cause this location to close. The building is left to rot.

          Freddy's pizzeria ( the building from game 2) time zone 1980's
This is the building as played in game 2. After recent accidents and all suspicion of the dangerous activity over, Freddy's opens up a new place with brand new animatronics with predator tracking databases. Much time passes till 1987, when you as the player starts your new shift. 5 more children get murdered, this time by what I think is a copy cat killer, (phone guy), in doing so, he purposely tried to break the police calling function in the new animatronics so he doesn't get caught (this is why mangle has the static and says the police code for bad interference.) in this game the suit trick does not work on foxy, I think its because the original killer or even the copy killer changed in and out of the costume in pirate's cove. This makes him dangerous to any one that is dressed as a guard. At the last night of FNAF 2 you are told to work the day shift because the place is closing down and you need to monitor the last birthday party. The copy killer knows that foxy I dangerous so tells you the player, to stay close to the animatronics. He probably thinks that if you get killed it would appease the spirits. You the player are the bite victim of the bite of 87'. This building closes and all the new characters are scrapped for spare parts

       Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria ( the first FNAF game) 1990's
The place reopens in an old location that had been left to rot, this is because they are under a lower budget. (I think this is the older location based upon what phone guy said in FNAF 2 about there no longer being doors to close, and the power not having a limit. In this location there is doors and most of the place looks old and decrepit.) They use all of the old animatronics under a smaller budget, using the previously scrapped new models as spare parts. This is where the copy cat killer is murdered by the animatronics on night 5. After lack of popularity and the disappearance of yet another person Freddy's clouded down for good, leaving behind its legend.

      Freddy's fright (FNAF 3) presumably 2020's (30 years from the 90's)
The old location from the first game is found and exploited for its legend. The items are removed and placed into a new attraction at an unknown location. This provokes the spirits once again. They break down the wall to the hidden room and take out spring trap. Spring trap has a human corpse inside that has fused with all of the mechanics inside. The hallucinations of the animatronics are probably the spirits of the children trying to scare you away before Spring Trap can kill you. Or its the evil of the killer taking over everything as he tries to kill you. The place suddenly burns down after night 6 and any salvaged items are sold on auction.

Hopefully this opens up for a 4th game but respects out to Scott if this is the last one, it was amazing.

Now its time for stuff I did not talk about.
Purple Freddy: I have reasons to believe that this is the older spring loaded Freddy suit that is part of the old retired series of characters. Notice how similar old bonnie and old Freddy are in body shape and face shape. It would be easy to mix up the colors of the characters if these suits were ordered on short notice. I think that Freddy was supposed to be purple tp begin with and bonnie was supposed to be yellowish. Then it turns out they mess it up and make bonnie purple and freddybrown after the suits are ordered. So yeah, in four of the mini games in FNAF 3 purple Freddy is shown leading the animatronics to a room and taking them apart, I think this is the killer trying to get revenge for the torment the spirits are putting him through. He is using the spring loaded Freddy suit.

Shadow bonnie: spring traps spirit showing its self.

The Freddy picture FNAF 1: a rare occurrence, a picture of Freddy ripping his head off. It is strangely familiar to the secret start up screen of spring trap trying to rip his mask off.
Sorry caps lock

autocorrect sucks

A secret message from the man himself:
The blurred text on the paper you see after night 6 actually is something Scott wrote past the funny blah blah stuff. Here is what its says.

"Looking back on many of my old games, I've found that there is almost always a broken-down robot in them. I'm not sure why this seems to be such a recurring theme in my games, but it's obvious that it's something haunting me.

Before I began work on FNaF, I had to choose what game to make out of three potential games, knowing it might be my last try before having to start a new career. I was choosing between a sequel to The Desolate Hope, a remake of my first game - Legacy of Flan, or a new idea about animatronics and security cameras.

While working on the first game, I started a crowdfunding campaign for it. I raised exactly zero dollars.

Fun fact: The names Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy were just nicknames while I worked on the characters. I was planning on giving them official names later but had grown very fond of them by the time the game was done.

In the original game, Freddy was never originally meant to move around the diner and was only meant to "get you" if your time ran out. This was changed before release.

In real life I tend to have waking-nightmares, meaning that I walk in my sleep, etc. One night I dreamt that Bonnie was in the hall outside my door, so I jumped out of bed and rushed to hold the door shut. I discovered that the door was locked and it filled me with dread. In FNaF 1, when the doors don't work, it means something is already in your office! So when I felt that the door was locked, I felt like bonnie was in my bedroom and was about to get me! Thankfully, I woke up.

I actually modeled the Foxy character on my laptop while riding on a 24hr drive to visit my in-laws over the summer of 2014. It's very difficult to model a 3D character on a bumpy car ride. Maybe this is why Foxy looks so torn up!

While we were there visiting, my kids got to experience Foxy's jumpscare for the first time!"

Top Hat:
Scott's website has a single lonely picture of Freddy's hat in a spot light. This is probably him saying that it is finally finished, the trilogy is over.

Golden Freddy in FNAF 3: why is he so important? Besides being the original bear in Fred Bear's diner. Why does he make a rare appearance in the game FNAF 3? He doesn't even crash your game this time

Good ending?: the event seems the same as the normal ending. Purple Freddy/purple guy, destroys the old animatronics then the spirits scare him into a broken spring trap costume and watch him die then leave. The only difference is. In one ending, there are five masks bonnie chica, Freddy, foxy and what we mostly think of as possibly Golden Freddy, but it is extremely hard to see him. We are also given two words "bad ending" this means the children's spirits were not put to rest. To get the good ending a series of mini games throuout all 5 nights needs to be done in strict order, I will not go into detail yet. But in the good ending we see the same heads but with no lights on at all. Here is where thinks are a bit strange, the fifth head is gone and we are given the words "the end" so we aren't told directly that this is the good ending, that it is simply the end. What I don't understand yet is how can we have a good end when the killing of purple guy was back in the 70's or so. If the spirits were freed way back then, then there never would have been and problems in the 80's or the 90's and there would be no need for FNAF 3's horror attraction to exist 30 years after the 1990's location from the very first game. what are your speculations on this?

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